A lot of us are overwhelmed by the sheer number of thoughts we have in a day! “Tell me something new,” you might be saying. But did you know that roughly 60.000 thoughts pass through our brains a day and that 95% of them are identical to the ones we had yesterday?


Step back a little and think about what this implies.

95% of 60.000 thoughts a day = number of identical thoughts per day

… that makes 57.000! How many never changing thoughts pass through your head in a week, in two months, in a year?  Work it out! No, no, only kidding. Imagining the number is more than enough! 🙂

Don’t you find this slightly alarming?

If 95% of our thoughts are the same every day doesn’t this remind you of an old scratched or dusty CD that keeps jumping back to the same two seconds of music without end? It means that we spend our time thinking over the same old things!!! If 95% of our thoughts come back to us day after day it means that we are preoccupied or worried. They can disturb us, prevent us from living our lives to the full, from being efficient when we need to, from being attentive to what we are doing…


It seemed interesting to me to take a closer look at this subject here in order to find out where our thoughts really are!

In fact, finding out where our thoughts go will help us unveil the secret to what is preoccupying us, what could be blocking us from moving forwards with our projects or simply what is preventing us from moving in the direction that we want!

That’s why I’ve made this simple exercise (that you must do without cheating, I’m counting on you!!!) I think that thanks to it you’ll find out what is occupying your mind… and possibly what the CD is that you’ve been playing 😉


1) You’ll need:

– crayons or felt pens of different colours (Yes, you’ve guessed! We’re going to do some colouring!)

–  a piece of paper

–  something to write with

–  download and print one of the beautiful illustrations by Sarah Marie Thompson whom I thank for her generous and kind permission (you can find more of her works on Amazon)

If you wish you can print this exercise here What AM I thinking? 


2)Let’s go!

Let your imagination run wild while you’re colouring BUT be aware of the thoughts that come to you, despite of you, and that have nothing to do with colouring. Write them down as they come to you on the piece of paper and continue colouring. DON’T READ ON before you’ve finished colouring the whole picture. 



A small but telling exercise…

Now you have to sort your thoughts into the following three categories: the past, the present, the future. Then find out what your thoughts tell you about your focus with the interpretation here:

If your thoughts are mainly in the present: CONGRATULATIONS! You are really good at focusing on one thing at a time.

If they are mainly in the past: you’re ruminating … and that’s bad for your health! ;D It’s time to move on, don’t you think?

If the majority of your thoughts are in the future: you’re trying or feeling the need to control! 

Ideally speaking, you would only have thoughts that concern the present!

Goodbye Past (you can’t do anything about it anyway) and see you later Future (you can’t control everything in advance so what’s the points of trying?). However, when the future has become the present we CAN do something about it IF our thoughts are in the present! 🙂

Katrine Horn

If you feel like sharing your thoughts on this, please do so!



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